Communities Need Trust

Build trust at scale, without compromising growth.

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Powerful And Lightweight

Run automated and compliant background checks via our secure API or web portal and return results in real-time so you can quickly identify high risk individuals.

Secure And Compliant

Gold standard data encryption and security infrastructure, as well as our deep compliance expertise enables you to focus on scaling with peace of mind.

Automated And Scalable

Proprietary big data platform enables you to run high volumes of safety checks that can scale with your business, no matter your size.

Trust Fuels Growth For Peer-to-Peer Platforms

Interacting with strangers feels scary. People seek assurance, relying on social proof and reputation before joining new peer-to-peer platforms. Your brand must encourage trust, so new members will sign up readily, interact freely and recommend you to friends and family.

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The Community Safety Advantage

Fast And Secure

Our RESTful API provides access control, data encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure firewalls for instant and secure community screening.

Ongoing Safety Alerts

Building trust doesn’t end at signup. Protect your community with real-time alerts whenever the risk profiles of your existing members change.

Centralized Portal

Review and take action from an integrated web portal, complete with easy-to-understand data visualizations and advanced analytics.

Adverse Action

No one else provides a compliant, comprehensive adverse action process for those times when someone may be denied access based on screening results.

World Class Compliance

Our in-house experts take the guesswork out of FCRA rules so you can concentrate on scaling into a vibrant, worry-free community.

Dedicated Support

Community Safety customers get dedicated account management and US-based support to ensure you have the help you need, when you need it.

Depth Of Experience

A proven track record working with over 30,000 businesses who rely on us to deliver fast, accurate and compliant results every day. Let us help protect your community without impeding your path to scale. You navigate the process.

Technology Worth Integrating

Our powerful API searches for your defined risk factors within milliseconds, letting visitors sign up without delay. Because the whole process is automated, it happens behind the scenes, smoothly and efficiently.

Community Safety Raises Trust Without Razing BuildZoom Signups

We are trying to build the first national brand in remodeling, and at the core of that is trust.

BuildZoom CEO, Dave Petersen BuildZoom

Contractors don’t have the best reputation. So BuildZoom co-founders David Peterson and Jiyan Wei needed to increase trust among hesitant homeowners in order to close large projects for their members. Yet they needed to do it without deterring contractor participation. Inflection Community Safety provided the answer.

Download the case study to learn how Community Safety helped BuildZoom make its slogan – “Find a contractor you can trust”– a reality.

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Community Safety API

Achieve trust at scale by identifying risks in your community.

The Community Safety API is designed for:

  • Your business analysts charged with making informed decisions about your community
  • Your risk/trust team members who need to understand the risk factor associated with each member in order to take appropriate action

Key features:

  • RESTful design minimizes integration time
  • Access control, user management, two-factor authentication, and advanced security keeps data safe
  • Holistic solution lets you run your existing member base through our batch process or screen new members through our API
  • A dedicated team helps you convert data into actionable insight

The Community Safety API provides information about your members to help you make informed decisions about your community.

Here’s how it happens:

1. Run your existing member base through the batch process
Sign into the portal to upload files that include basic information about your user base.

2. Review the batch process results to understand which information is most relevant to your community
In the portal, examine the results to see which results give you the best insight into analyzing risk for your users.

3. Integrate the API into your platform
Automate safety checks on all new users and view up-to-date results in the Community Safety portal.

4. Make informed decisions
Use the results to make decisions about participation in your marketplace.

Getting started is easy:

  • Request access to the Community Safety Portal.
  • Get a test API key.
  • Try out the API to understand the integration, review the level of detail in the results, and learn how varied ranges of input can affect the quality of the output.
  • Work with us to learn how you can customize the output to your use case.
  • Use our batch processing and API integration to get up-to-date results for your user base.

Invest In Your Reputation

Our decades of experience working with hundreds of millions of public records means that we can provide you a customized and cost effective Community Safety solution that helps you manage the risk profile of your members.

Let us build a solution to fit your unique business.

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