Recruiting The 90s Generation

Here’s The 411

Inflection is a tech company that runs on originality. We question our beliefs and follow bold ideas. But it’s hard to stay fresh, so a few years ago we started bringing in the #1 source for originality we knew: College Grads.

You see, you grew up in a time of great optimism and self expression. Dial up internet was beeping in living rooms, and beanie babies were a strong investment vehicle. There were no political parties, just Backstreet Boys vs. N’Sync. The new millennium was here and the future was yours.

Now getting off the internet is harder than waiting to get on. Backstreet Boys grace oldies playlists, and your shoes lost their light up soles. The real world has arrived, and we’re not talking about the TV show.

But here's the good news. Not all of us have surrendered to the drudgery of the corporate world. At Inflection we value individuality above all. We trust college grads more than any company we know, putting you in charge of challenging, important work.

The Results Are Amazing

And you won’t be alone. On day one you’ll start with 14 other new grads just as fresh as you. And even though they might have a different role at the company, you’ll all start and train as a team.