What's the salary?

Compensation is designed around role and experience, so it's a discussion we'll have with you during the interview process. We strive to be competitive within our industry.

What if I change my mind about which track (Business Development, Engineering) I want to do, or want to do more than one?

We admire your drive to not fit into any single “bucket,” because, as it turns out, none of our college recruits do. Some switch departments after starting, some work in multiple departments, and some have created jobs that didn't exist before they joined the company. Fresh 15 is all about matching your interests with the opportunities at the company. During your interview process we'll do our best to see exactly what kind of position fits you, because we find that people who do what they love are great at what they do.

Are you accepting international students?

Yes, we hire the right person for the job, regardless of their citizenship status. We have hired many people from all over the world before and are proud of the diversity it brings. Because the visa process depends on many decisions outside Inflection, we can make no guarantees that we can sponsor your visa, but we will do the best we can.

Do I have to be a 2015 grad?

We accept applications regardless of age or date of graduation, but please note that these are mostly entry level positions.