Know Your Customers. And Their Risk Profiles.

Online interactions between
strangers require trust

People need to trust your brand before they’ll transact with you or with your customers. Growth, reputation, financial stability, and safety are at stake.

Asking for too many personal details scares new users away

Background checks often require sensitive data like Social Security numbers, but asking for those details can deter signups.

Simple, streamlined inputs deliver accurate, powerful results

Screen new members fairly, with information they already provide. Actionable results are returned instantly, with clear crime classifications and descriptions that enable your team to filter and prioritize offenses.

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of consumers agree that the sharing economy is based on trust between providers and users, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers


How Inflection’s SafeDecision API Works

With a few personal identifiers, our fully automated process runs in the background, enabling efficient background checks without increasing signup friction.


1. Secure Inputs

Provide a few personal identifiers, such as first and last name and date of birth, via our secure API or upload .csv file in our web portal.

Name and Date of Birth

2. Extensive People Analysis

Deep search and machine learning algorithms scan applicants across hundreds of millions of records, extending search coverage to name aliases and name changes.

Criminal Records, Sex Offender Registry, Global Watchlists

3. Clear Results

View actionable results via our API or use our web portal to see data visualizations, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action.

Visualize Risk, Analyze Data, Filter and Review, Initiate Adverse Action

Screening isn’t a choice for us—it’s required by the partners we work with to cultivate a safe environment for their communities.
Michael Monu

Michael Monu,
Barsala Founder & CEO

Customer Spotlight

To meet the requirements of the communities that contain its units (condo boards, HOAs, or building management), luxury suites and corporate housing provider Barsala screens 100% of its renters. The company needed a scalable solution that didn’t ask for too much personal information that might deter potential renters.

Inflection’s SafeDecision API automation saves 15 to 30 minutes of staff time per guest, unlocking Barsala's expansion plans.

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Why Trust Inflection’s SafeDecision API?

Instant And Secure

RESTful API provides access control, data encryption, two-factor authentication, and firewalls for secure, instant background checks.

Ongoing Protection

Alerts help you manage risk over time, whenever new criminal convictions emerge within your customer base.

Informed Decisions

Review and take action from an integrated web portal, complete with straightforward data visualizations and advanced analytics.

Fair Adverse Action

Compliant, comprehensive processes for times when someone may be denied access based on screening results.

World-Class Compliance

Our in-house experts take the guesswork out of legal rules so you can concentrate on scaling your business.

Dedicated Support

US-based support and account managers ensure you have the help you need, when you need it.

Being able to offer a comprehensive background check has made us more confident in our marketplace, and it has been popular with our customers.
Dave Petersen

Dave Petersen,
BuildZoom, CEO

Customer Spotlight

To build its business, BuildZoom needed a way to indicate its contractors’ trustworthiness to homeowners, whose personal safety – and renovation budgets – would be at stake.

But when Petersen set out to offer his customers a more comprehensive view of contractor history, his team found real issues – enough to validate the need for an instant background check solution.

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Fast And Flexible Onboarding

1. Run A Pilot Test

With just a few inputs, run your customers through test API requests or a batch process in our portal.

2. Evaluate Results

Review our JSON response, returned in milliseconds, or view results via our web portal, which organizes and visualizes the data.

3. Integrate API Or Use Portal

Provide a few personal identifiers such as first and last name, date of birth via our secure API or upload .csv file in our web portal.

Industry Spotlight

Peer to Peer

Mitigating risk in peer-to-peer transactions without jeopardizing new user growth.
With the SafeDecision API, Inflection delivers automated, compliant background checks that let you identify people with high risk indicators and returns results instantly, without disrupting signups.

Minimal input requirements, such as name and birthdate

Automated, powerful API for direct integration into your own workflows

Adherence to federal, state and FCRA laws, plus proven compliance expertise

Web portal alternative lets you run batch uploads without technical integration

Car And Ride Sharing

How to loan out a highly valuable asset, a car, to strangers with confidence that it’ll be returned safely.
Inflection’s Driver Checks verify your user’s driver registration and driving history.

Cross check drivers’ histories for DUI/DWI, moving violations and suspensions, accident histories, and validity of DMV registration

Complies with motor vehicle check compliance laws, as well as standard background check regulations from state, local and FCRA

Driver Checks are easily bundled with criminal records searches from Inflection’s SafeDecision background checks

Tenant Screening

Finding trustworthy and safe tenants for landlords and property managers.
The SafeDecision solution meets state-by-state tenancy laws for residential buildings, co-living communities, and home-sharing platforms.

Returns background check results on prospective tenants in milliseconds, helping landlords and property managers enhance safety, manage risk and reduce costs

Clear understanding and differentiation of the legal obligations for businesses who use background checks for hiring from those used for tenancy

Simple, easy onboarding without a need for technical resources

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